Healing LIFE and BODY

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After being a successful environmental engineer, consultant of the World Bank empowering vulnerable families; I became a mum which was one of the most amazing moments of her life; but at the same time, I experienced extreme hardship in life that I had to endure for years, tough lessons which lead to my own transformational journey of self-empowerment and self-discovery at soul level.  In the most challenging moments of my life, is when I unveiled my inner powers with the guidance of mentors and experienced an unseen realm of infinite possibilities where everything is possible and eternal.

If I did it, so you can!

Following my soul’s calling I started to learn everything about how the mind, heart, energy, body and soul works, as well as Energy healing, Healing with Angels and Quantum healing.

I also activated my energy perception, extra sensorial clairsentience and my healing abilities; so I use my gifts to help you and guide you in your healing.

I had found that once you are empowered and in alignment you can heal yourself. Every health concern expressed in the body has an emotional root and it can be healed. I personally overcame some difficult health problems on more than one occasion using those principles and it worked miraculously.

One of them was Sciatica which didn’t allow me to walk or move in any way possible. I was diagnosed by doctors and specialists that I won’t be able to walk for 2 months minimum. I was using pain killers, creams, I went to chiropractic sessions, etc but they just only mitigated my pain for a couple of hours and again the unbearable pain came back. I couldn’t stand up, sit down, lie down, etc. It was very frustrating, overall painful and on the top I had to look after my child which I was feeling so helpless. So, I was doing a lot of meditation and looking for solutions; and I within my meditations my message was to stop all medication and just only rely in the tools learned through the years and put them in practice all at once!

So, I started to practice soul exercises and to find out the root of my discomfort, disease and when I found those specific point that were emotional moments in my life that were linked to my pain, then it was when all make sense and the process of inner healing started really. So, hour by hour, day by day while suffering of huge pain; eventually after 2 weeks of constant practice of going into the maximum of my soul guidance, love, heart powers, mind faculties, inner healing using Quantum healing and Healing with Angels, something miraculous happened! I remember to have a very painful Saturday crying of pain as I was walking down stairs. The next day, Sunday I woke up and I managed to sit down like nothing happened. I put my foot on the floor and I stood up with no pain at all! I though I was dreaming! I pinched myself and I went to my lounge, and I twisted my hips and it was no pain at all! Then i said to myself, it is real? as I couldn’t believe it! I needed to go to my child’s bedroom to confirm if it is real or not! So, I went there like my last test. My child woke up happy as usual, wanted to play, and all looked normal.. then I realised it was no a dream. It was real! So it was a miracle. I experienced a real miracle!

After that experience, I felt like anything can be possible. Next time when I faced other health issues like Hay fever, allergies, etc I just use the same strategies, my personal tools, Quantum Healing and Healing with Angels and I am healed! After several practices with myself, I can say that they really works like a miracle!

Now, I am helping other to heal of any health condition. I can say that all have immediate effective results with no reverse, no re-occurrence (unless you go for the same actions in life), no doubts, no more pain because as soon as you heal your soul, your inner being then the dis-ease will never come back. It is an eternal healing.


If you have any mental, emotional or physical health concern we can work together to find the cause of all your struggles; which will be the key to prepare a customise Healing session for that particular issue. You cannot reach total success if there is something that is holding you back.

I’m here to help you to Heal your Life and Body.

If you would like to take this opportunity to be healed; you can book your free 30-45 min Discovery Session.

In my healing sessions:

  • I’ll find the root of any health concern you are suffering from with your assistance.

  • I’ll be applying Quantum healing which will allow us to work in the energy field, in the enlightenment highest frequency of soul, energy, time and space where everything is possible.

  • During the session I will be receiving some guidance that will help to heal you that specific part of your life and your body illness. Here is where my healing abilities helps you to heal in a more effective and eternal way.

  • I will also apply healing with Angels which will be amply explained in our discovery session.



Thank you for your healing my family member. My family situation was very unhappy a family member had a mental breakdown and ended up in hospital. When I contacted you my family member was on the intensive care unit and their mental health was very poor. After 2 sessions with you they slowly started to get better and moved off that ward to another ward, after another 2 sessions with you they got so well that they was discharged from hospital within 4 weeks and have had a miraculous recovery, they are the best they’ve been in over a year, they are resuming agency work and have just been offered a new accommodation. This is not a joke this is a true testimony of what happened after these healing sessions also I forgot to mention that the family member had stopped talking to me whilst they was in hospital and before they was discharged they contacted me and explained why this happened. I’m am so happy and grateful for what you did for us thank you so much xxx

D. Edwards


I was suffering of strong sharp pain in my chest and back for 10 years.
Just recently Doctors suggested a costahandraities, but was helpless to relief me from pain.
The last time I had pain in my chest I was on holidays, overseas, away from home. I was very scared and sad because i could not joyfully spent time with family. I contacted Gloria. She was very insightful. She confirmed all my feelings and within the session we went deeper and deeper and she found the root of all my pain. She helped me to see how all my past experiences, perceptions and family health issues were affecting my own health in specific areas of my body.

When we started the healing session, I didn’t know what to expect.
It was terrible pain. I couldn’t breath, talk, move. I was in a horrible condition. During the session, I felt strange, very silent.
I cannot explain how it happened, but I released the pain I had in my chest. I still had to carry on with some soul exercises that Gloria advised me to do to complete the healing; and I did it. For my big surprise, all worked miraculously!
I couldn’t believe it was gone!
I did feel nothing! Next day after lunch Ive realised that I felt healed!!
To hear Gloria how it will happen really impressed me. Her session was so powerful, uplifting and effective.
Gloria is a gifted soul. To have a session with her is a wonderful experience. She really healed me and I am very grateful with her.
She gave me massive recommendation going forward and also advised me how to help my mum.
I truly recommend Gloria for any emotional or health issues you are suffering from.

Nat Bell

Do we have any limits to what we can do , achieve or overcome? You can re-write your life, health, etc. You can heal yourself when you know the root that is causing that concern. Your body can heal itself..