Unleash your Inner Powers - You can Create your own Miracles

Welcome lovely mum,

This is a Special Program created for YOU to help you in your journey to Unleash your Inner Powers and Create your own Miracles.

In this Program I will teach you step by step my proven techniques and tools that you already possess to transform your life and to become that unlimited human being you are meant to be and to live the life like you are in a dream with your eyes open.

You are an amazing spiritual being full of wonders. Be ready to be astonished!

You have all those powers inside you within your mind, body, heart and soul.

Do you feel stressed, confused, lack of self confidence, lost, struggled, not knowing how to overcome obstacles in life, etc.

I know how is to be there. Once I was feeling there is no light at the of the tunnel; but there is. There are always solutions, and strategies to help you to find the right solution for you.

Be ready to be eternally empowered, invincible, unstoppable and have those miracles you think and dream in love, health, finances in this year! Believe me, it really happens, if you are ready for it!

It is a Unique Opportunity for you to become the New You that you wish to become.

Life is a beautiful adventure, a magnificent journey of self discovery to greatness!

Lots of people already experienced and still experiencing amazing miracles with my proven techniques. Have a look the lovely testimonials.

I invite you come with me, you will enjoy it!


Gloria xxx


Increase immediately your energy levels, vibration, level of awareness and feed your subconscious mind everyday




SPECIAL & unique GROUP READING where you will find yourself

15 min reading. Group Callings are online from any part of the world at 5.30 am


Do you DARE TO KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE? if so Join us in our Magical Mornings!

Based on Bob Proctor and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s advise : At 5.30am is a time when the door between your conscious mind and subconscious mind are more open and the waves of our brain are between Alpha and Theta which helps with relaxation, to be in the present moment and to go deeper to your subconscious mind. In this state is the best time and moment to install new habits and beliefs.

Sometimes even knowing what’s possible and you need to act on that, you don’t do it. What happens after coming back from a seminar of personal development or after reading books of how to change your life? How you can keep that momentum and don’t fall into procrastination? You need to take action every day to be able to achieve your big goals.

This is one of the most effective and empowering daily actions that will raise your awareness of who you are, your energy, your soul vibration. This process through the time will transform your mind, emotions, DNA, habits, belief and will set you up automatically for success achieving your most worthy goals.

After getting successful stories of achievements and incredible transformations in people’s life I decided to re-open for 4th time: Magical Mornings.

We do what millionaires, celebrities, champions and successful people do every morning.

Do you want to wake up every day with high elevated emotions and clear intentions? feeling excited, creative, unstoppable, etc

If you want to succeed in life, business, health, or any goal you want to achieve come and join us!

When: Monday to Sunday 5:30 am; just 10-15 minutes max.

It is going to be for 3 months update.

Say Yes to your success! Say Yes to your transformation.

My clients now are experiencing a new level of happiness and achieving their dreams.

If you would like to be part of this energetic and beautiful group, please let me know. You can book a session to know more about it and to participate in it.

* Places are limited


Being a member of Gloria’s morning mastermind group has had a significant impact on my life in many ways. It has helped me to establish an early morning routine and develop the habit of waking up early…something I have wanted to achieve for a long time but couldn’t do it on my own. I’m so sure the early morning readings have also trained my subconscious mind to think differently as it helped me to gain more clarity on my business and the direction I wanted to take it.
It wasn’t just being a part of a supportive and empowering group that helped but also Gloria’s support, wisdom, encouragement and her ability to see the potential in me. She also helped me with a health issue and intuitively knew what tools and techniques to give me to help improve a chronic health condition of mine which I’ve had for 10 years!
If you really want to see change in your life like I did, I highly recommend Gloria’s morning mastermind group.
~ Meenal Savani



mind-universe women.jpg

This is a Special Program to give you clarity in your life, to find your light and use that light not only to illuminate the world but to monetise creating an amazing stream of income and becoming a successful mumpreneur.

Be inspired, empowered, encouraged, creative with a new business that will fulfil your life embracing the new you that you meant to become.

BONUS 1: Magical Mornings

BONUS 2: Goal setting and Goal Achieving

BONUS 3: Mastermind of money and business

BONUS 4: Special gift bonus

Join me!


She is a joy to connect with. She is a very supportive person and helped me in every step of the way to identify the emotional connection with my past experiences and how to overcome those limiting beliefs that were blocking me.

Now, I can say I feel happy, stronger and with a better knowledge of how I can use my inner self to improve any situation. So, I couldn’t be happier to have chosen my sessions with Gloria at Empowering Mummies. My life is filled with lots of enthusiasm, love and passion. I definitely highly recommend Gloria if you want to change your life.

Thank you Gloria. 

Rachel C


Gloria is an amazing coach, she is a very authentic and caring person. She will help you to have the confidence and clarity needed to take the necessary steps to whatever you want to achieve in your life. She not only shows you that you can do it; but she shows you how she did it and how you can do it as well. She will teach you to stretch yourself and to dream big, to fly solo, to go for more success. I highly recommend to book a session with Gloria at " Empowering Mummies"

Gabriele Zillmer


Just within two weeks of having chance to meet Gloria, I keep repeating to her and myself all the time the words of gratitude!
I could clearly say I achieved one of my biggest paradigm shifted – it’s discipline! I received already very important and valuable advises, that help me to Enjoy my Journey!

I also found so many answers in one month time from started masterminding with a unique Coach, beautiful Soul and amazing Woman Gloria Acuna. I am blessed to have the opportunity of meeting you!
Can't be grateful enough 💖💖💖 You are truly Empowering Mummies!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Nat Bell


‘’Ever since I joined Gloria's mastermind group, my day to day life has changed. I’ve been more focused with my business and personal growth goals, I'm achieving more than ever, and the group has genuinely added to my happiness levels! 

This group has been incredibly supportive, encouraging and empowering. I’ve found that belonging to Gloria’s group of like minded people who are there to support you through your struggles and celebrate your successes has really created massive positive change in my life. I’m so full of appreciation and gratitude for this group!’’

Meenal Savani


Spirit is for expansion and full of expression

You are an unlimited human being

Love yourself, it is where everything starts 

~ Gloria Acuna